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MethaneSAT will be the most advanced methane-tracking satellite in space. It will monitor methane emissions almost anywhere on Earth with greater precision than any other satellite, measuring large sources as well as those too small for other instruments to see – detecting changes in concentration as small as 3 parts per billion. And it will make its data available to policymakers, industry, scientists, and the public, for free. You can learn more about MethaneSAT here.

MethaneSAT Experts

Dr. Steven Hamburg

MethaneSAT LLC Executive Manager

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Tom Ingersoll

MethaneSAT Project Co-lead

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Ilissa Ocko

EDF Senior Climate Scientist, Barbra Streisand Chair of Environmental Studies

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Mark Brownstein

EDF Senior Vice President of Energy, Environmental Defense Fund

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MethaneSAT & Other Methane Satellites

An ecosystem of methane-detecting satellites is emerging, each with distinct capabilities and purpose. They’re giving companies, regulators, investors, and the public a new level of transparency and insight for tackling an urgent climate challenge. Learn more about MethaneSAT’s unique capabilities and how it fits with other satellite missions.

Satellites explainers: Short [PDF] | Long [PDF]

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