MethaneSAT’s goal is simple: to motivate and enable urgent action to reduce methane emissions.
Around the world, industry and governments are making policies and commitments to cut methane emissions. Investors, gas buyers and the public are focusing intently on the role methane plays in the global climate crisis.
The result is an urgent need for accurate, high resolution quantification and tracking of total emissions to find and fix leaks faster and document that progress.
TEDX 2018
Discover Methane SAT through the words of Fred Krupp
The idea for MethaneSAT was first unveiled by Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp in an April 2018 TED Talk, as one of the inaugural group of world-changing ideas selected for seed funding by the Audacious Project.
MethaneSAT LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund, which has a long record of working successfully with both businesses and policymakers to create innovative, science-based solutions to critical environmental challenges. EDF has been a leader in methane research, policy and management practices for over a decade.
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Beginning in 2012, EDF organized an unprecedented series of 16 independent studies involving more than 150 academic and industry experts to assess methane emissions at every stage in the U.S. oil and gas supply chain. A 2018 synthesis of the work published in Science found that the U.S. oil and gas industry was emitting at least 13 million metric tons of methane a year—nearly 60% more than government estimates at the time.
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MethaneSAT data won’t just be a tool for industry and governments, the mission was also founded on the principle of transparency: making data publicly available so stakeholders and citizens can see and compare the progress across both companies and countries. MethaneSAT will bring together more high-quality data in a single space than any other initiative in the methane tracking landscape.